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We can’t afford even one more year of Buhari – By Daniel A. Noah Osa-Ogbegie

On a day people are celebrating, I ought to make celebration posts and make happy wishes; but that’s not what I am about. Life should not consist only of eating and drinking and merriment.Hedonism is a major reason societies regress.


There are weightier matters and the most important is the future.

Nigeria as a Country has been an entity for over a hundred years and the problems have essentially been same.


We have discussed the same things for the greater part of our existence as a Country and for everyday of our independence. No society solves its problem by doing same things over and over again.

What we have is not working. We must rethink our togetherness. We must rethink our political systems and structures. We must rethink governance if we are really serious about success as a Country.

As a Country and as a people, we must agree on the direction we must go and set about very quickly, going there. We must agree, devoid of any selfish, ethnoreligious emotion.

One thing I believe majority of Nigerians agree on in the inner recesses of their beings is that muhammadu buhari lacks the capacity to lead us to where we should be. Inshort, the man is not equipped in any way whatsoever to even lead us to the path we should thread.


What do you do if you are in a bus from Benin City that ought to be journeying to Lagos, but the driver shows a lot of incompetence, sleeps on the wheels and is moving to the road that leads to Onitsha? Two choices will be before you.


You change the driver and get another one with the requisite capacity to drive the vehicle to Lagos or you alight from the vehicle.

The choice before us if we are serious about fixing this Country is to send buhari home and replace him with another that can first unite this fractured Country and put the appropriate systems in place where every Nigerian can assert himself independently within the Nigerian federation or we go our separate ways to start our separate Countries – Edo Republic, Yoruba Republic, Biafra republic, Borno Republic, Sokoto Republic etc.


We can’t afford even one more year of buhari. Governance has never been this insipid and completely divorced from the governed.


No Head of this Country has shown this much horrendous and brazen inefficiency, ethnoreligious bigotry and empty arrogance in a swoop.


This is beyond APC and PDP, Christianity and Islam, North and South. It is about our collected survival. buhari’s continued Presidency would asphyxiate all of us if allowed to continue beyond this season.

We need to restart Nigeria and we need it since yesterday.


We need a President that has shown capacity to flow with every ethnic and religious group in this Country.


We need a man that has shown ability to manage business and other entities. A man that has shown dexterity in his own life. Buhari has never shown anything that portray leadership. As he was in 1977, so he is today.


He is narrow-minded, clannish, vindictive and conceited. If we want to get to where we should be, we must send Buhari back to his cocoon and get another that thinks in the future.



Daniel A. Noah Osa-Ogbegie, Esq, a lawyer and socio-political commentator
contributes this piece from Benin City, Edo State. 
25th December, 2017

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