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Still On Atiku`s Resignation From APC – By Daniel A. N Ogbegie

I see that many on Facebook who we supported Jonathan together the last time are out attacking Atiku ‘s resignation from the APC and intention to join the PDP. You will just know immediately that their intention for supporting Jonathan or opposing Buhari were cosmetic, most probably a feel good intention.


My political participation is not personal. It is for the general good. I oppose Buhari because of his ethnoreligious bigotry, his open hatred for civilisation and aversion for entrepreneurship and excellence. buhari limits the Country and stunts all of us.


I am not looking for a Messiah because non exists. I’m looking for a man who will create the environment for excellence to thrive. A man who understands healthy competition and would create that platform for that healthy competition that breeds excellence. A man that knows how to win in his personal life and business, that would engender that quest for excellence in all of us.


I do not care where this man comes from or how many times he has crisscrossed Parties. I only care about what motivates him. I urge you all to think deep and hard. This Country cannot afford another four years of retrogression under buhari. We need a man that can galvanise the bests Nigeria has to offer.

The serious task of Nation building is beyond the likes on facebook or the approbation from varying political personalities. THINK!


Atiku is charismatic, urbane and exposed. Dankwabo is educated and doing wonders in Gombe. Sule Lamido is experienced and Nationalistic.


Any of these men would be far better than what buhari can ever imagine to be.



Our In-House Analyst, Deacon Daniel A. Noah Osa-Ogbegie, Esq is a socio-political commentator based in Benin City Edo State.

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