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Read How Federal Fire Service Explores Technology In Combating Fire Outbreaks In Nigeria (VIDEO)

Joseph Garba Anebi, Controller General FFS

On daily basis, the Comptroller General of Federal Fire Service, Engr. Anebi Garba Joseph is getting commendations from all quarters  for bringing technology into fire fighting in Nigeria.


Fighting fire outbreak in this contemporary era has gone beyond just pumping water from a tanker into burning flames and the Federal Fire Service in Nigeria, under the able leadership of Anebi Garba has proven to be in up to date with the same operational methodology obtainable in developed countries.


Apart from the fact that the Federal Fire Service has acquired modern vehicles, trucks and other equipment which has made their operations smooth and prompt, rapid response to emergency fire situations has also become a norm in the service since the coming on board of Engr Anebi.


Gone are those years when building would be completely raised down by inferno before the arrival of “Fire Brigade”, as it were,  to the scene.


Officers from the Service were sent on a training course in Atlanta, USA earlier in the year to specifically train on how to use the F500 EA.


Since the introduction of the magical F500 EA Firefighting Encapsulator into the operation of the service, lots of success have been recorded and has been considered as one of the greatest achievement the administration of the current Comptroller has made and Nigerians are speaking about it.


The service has also gone far in introducing a fire alert device in android phone that could get one informed anytime there`s fire outbreak in the house if no one is at home.


In a recent chat with Olika Reporters, the Controller General said: “Today, we have state of the art equipment that can combat any form of fire incidence and we have also gone digital as we are introducing an app that could be installed in your phones or wrist watches, synchronized with a device at home that could alert you wherever you are if there`s any fire outbreak in your house and same signal sent to us with the location for us to respond rapidly”.


The humble but hardworking Ogbadibo, Benue state born CG does not fail to always appreciate the Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau Rtd, anytime he talks about his achievements at the service, for the encouragement, support and the conducive atmosphere the former Chief of Army Staff created for him to work and implement all the ideas he brought.


He said; “The Hon Minister and the President have been fully part of the success stories we are witnessing today in the Federal Fire Service, they have given approval to all the new innovations you see here today”.


As someone who is opinionated in human capacity building, enhancing workers` knowledge and skills as well as welfare, Engr Anebi periodically sends officers from the Service to Europe and America for training, which has helped to a large extent in discharging their duties effectively and efficiently.


The Controller General said; “When we came on board, our officers were owed huge salaries and other benefits, as well as other huge debts that were hanging on the neck of the Service. Our personnel were stagnated, no promotion, no training and nothing whatsoever was cheering about the service”.


CG FFS in a group photo wiht some foreign patners


“We began to take them one after the other, we realised that to get the best from our officers, they must be adequately and promptly taken care of, we ensure they get their salaries as at when due, take them through training or courses within and outside the country to further enhance their knowledge and equip them for better performances”.



“We sent those who were due for training and subsequently have them promoted and the Service came alive again, we brought back excitement in the job and built in them dignity in labour”.


FFS officials on a fire fighting course in Atlanta Georgia, USA


“It was after having the rank and file of the service duly prepared for modern approach to fire fighting that we began to bring in top quality and modern equipment that are up to international standard”.



The Federal Fire Service has taken delivery of numerous brand new fire fighting trucks and water tankers within the last two months and some vehicles are still being expected in the third week of this month of October.


Watch video of the F500 EA Training that was attended by the FFS officers and United States below;









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