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Mixed reactions trail revealing baby’s sex during baby shower

Mixed reactions have continued to greet the current trend in the country where most young couples reveal their baby sexes during baby showers.
Some Lagosians on Sunday told the News and pressmen in separate interviews in Lagos that the sees of babies should not be exposed at a very tender age while others supported the idea.
Pressmen reports that baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected or delivered birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother at a party.
Miss Franca Wilson, an Accountant, told pressmen that she loved the concept of baby shower but would not go out of her way to do so.
“I think it is a way of relieving the expectant mother of the stress of nine months and assuring her that it is going to be smooth and easy.
“As for me, I will not reveal my baby’s gender, everyone will know eventually but they can as well wait, ‘’she said.
Dr Seun Oyegbile, a Dentist at Skky Dental Services Limited, said that it was a huge step and a preparation for something better.
He said, “In as much as it is the parents’ discretion, it is not a bad idea to reveal the baby’s sex, but can still be done within close circle,’’ he said.
Mrs Mojoyinolaoluwa Junaid, the Chief Executive Officer, the Red Mustard, finds it thoughtful of friends to celebrate their friend who was about to deliver by showering her and the unborn baby with gifts.
“I have not thought about it but I would love to surprise everyone when the baby comes.
“For those considering the ceremony, it should be a private celebration between close friends and family members,’’ she said.
However, Dr Adedayo Adewusi, a medical doctor at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), expressed his dismay regarding the concept.
Adewusi explained that it was one of many unnecessary concepts that Nigerians embraced from foreigners.
“ Our culture wise, the baby’s gender should be known after the birth.
“We hold a naming ceremony to announce the arrival of the child, I do not see the point of having a ceremony to reveal the baby’s gender,” he said.
Mrs Taiye Kayode, a journalist told journalist that baby shower should be encouraged.
“It brings the lady to reality that she needs to embrace her husband as her all in all.
“Culturally, Nigerians believe that the sex of the baby should not be disclosed until the birth of the baby, except to close relatives.
“To me, the sex of the baby should not be known during baby shower because I feel there will be no suspense created among people again.
“At times, scan might see a baby girl but at the end it might be a boy.
“So there might be disappointments particularly to those you have announced to. Above all, caution should be applied during the baby shower .

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