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Love Integration Conference And Awards Hold In Karlsruhe, Germany

The era of African brothers going into marital union just because of citizenship or other immigration documentation is gradually becoming a thing of the past in Europe, particularly Germany, as conferences are now being organized and awards given out to long term marriages and relationships bounded with love.


A couple, Mr and Mrs Fechner, who have been married for years and still together in love has thought it wise to put together an even to honor marriages between Africans and Europeans that are built and sustained in real love and harmony.


According to Mrs Anastatia Fechner who spoke to from her base in Karlsruhe, Germany, “Love Integration Conference and Awards is the first and One of it’s kind love and fun filled seminar, conference & Awards”.


She said: “It features awards presentation segment to encourage and celebrate the unsung heroes and heroines of love, Integration and togetherness directed at all human race with a case study or focus on interracial marriages and relationships” .

“Through integration, families are built with people of different race, colour and culture, where love is evident and staying united in love is indeed a case of TOLERANCE”, Anastatia who has been married to her German husband for years concluded.

Everyone is invited to be a part of the celebration of personalities in the one day conference packed with teachings and entertainment.


Olika Reporters will be keeping our esteemed followers updated as the event unfolds.




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