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Chinese mall erects dog statue that looks like Trump

IN honor of the Lunar New Year a shopping mall in northern China has planted an enormous statue of a dog that eerily resembles President Donald Trump.

The statue, which is displayed at Fashion Walk Mall in Taiyuan, has been installed to celebrate the coming Year of the Dog.

The huge canine figure has Trump’s, 71, signature golden hairstyle, prominent eyebrows and classic gesture.

The figure has one finger extended in the air in the President’s classic pose and the dog is even wearing a red scarf, representative of Trump’s power ties.

Although the statue represents the coming year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac, ironically Trump‘s Chinese astrological sign is also the year of dog, as he was born in 1946.

However, in Chinese culture, the year of your own animal isn’t expected to be your best year. They regard it as bad luck if the zodiac animal of the current year is the same as the year you were born in.

 The year of the dog begins on February 16 2018 next year and will last until February 4 2019 where it will then change to the Year of the Pig.

This isn’t the first year the mall, which resides in the capital of China’s northern Shanxi province, has celebrated the Chinese New Year and also Trump.

Last year they unveiled a giant statue of a rooster that also resembled Trump with his signature hairdo, eyebrows and stance to commemorate the year of the rooster in 2017.

The giant rooster sculpture was also erected outside the famous shopping mall.

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