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Cairo Ojougboh: PDP Chairman Diaspora Blasts, Says Cairo Can`t Win His LG For APC,”He Will Beg To Come Back”

Hon Enoh Akoro (Chairman, PDP, Amsterdam Netherlands)


The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Diaspora (Amsterdam, Holland) Chapter, Hon. Enoh Akoro has expressed his disappointed on the the recent decamping of former House of reps members, Hon. Cairo Ojougboh, saying he will regret his action later and run back to the Party.


He spoke with Olika Reporters in the Netherlands last week on wide range of issues, including the dismal performance of the ruling party, APC and the PDP national convention coming up in December, 2017′


Read the full interview below;


Thank you very much for your time sir…

You’re welcome mr olike

Can you please, give a brief introduction of yourself?

Am Hon Enoh Akoro seating chairman PDP Amsterdam

What part of Nigeria are from Sir?

Am from Delta state

Okay. We are aware that a former House of Representatives member, Hon Cairo Ojougboh has just defected to the APC with over 14,000 PDP members… What is your take on this move?

As we all know Hon Cairo who happens to be the former deputy national chairman of PDP has played a vital role in the party both state and national level, the differences between his boss Ali Modu Sheriff and the party was at a point of reconciliation and proper dialogue not until the defection took place yesterday 16/9/2017 at Agbor, Delta state, this is an indication that this highly esteemed individual does not have the party at heart, because it should have been to our common interests to move the party forward most especially at this point whereby the ruling party has disappointed the Nigerian people in every area of governance.

This is not the time for division no matter the situation on grand, I strongly believe there will be an aftermath of their wrongs decisions and deeds, because the APC party which they have journeyed to will not accommodate them as fully expected, they should have put their house in order and strategise on how to right the wrongs of our great party to enable us have an outstanding performance in 2019 election and get back the villa.


But he has moved on to another party.
Do you see his movement to the APC negatively affecting the fortunes of the PDP in future elections in Delta state?


No and there is a clear reason we said so. He has no capacity to change the fortunes of our great part in his local government, not to talk of the whole of Delta.

You see,  like I always say to people who have the opportunity to discuss politics with me, the political system and democratic character displayed in Nigeria from some political elders and leaders are not showcasing the value and worth of a clear standard of how democracy is presented to those who sold democracy to us.

Democracy and political parties are visions and you don’t divorce or abandon a vision because of temporary challenges, you key to it till the very end, in area of fortunes remember PDP have a lot of heavy weight in the party, who are financially equipped to move the party to the nest level, so we are not particularly disturbed by his movement, and we strongly believe in no distance time they will run back and we are gladly welcome them back home.


 Let’s move to the PDP now. The PDP is holding its elective National convention in December, 2017, a member of the party in the diaspora, what are your expectations and has there been an arrangement for the party members in the diaspora to participate as delegates?


Yes we have been given 4 slots and I happen to be one of them. You see, we in diaspora have huge rule to play at the convention in the past when we were in Nigeria and there is a better reason we can’t miss December 2017 convention.


I believe that it will be total fairness and absolute transparency and efficiency the right candidate will be voted for to represent us and the Nigeria people, it will not be a thing of tribe or sentiments but total commitment and absolute merit to serve the Nigeria people to the best of their ability, this 4 years of APC in power has given us large room to rethink where did it go wrong, what are we supposed to do that we did not pay much attention to fix, we have actually gone back to our during board and we have seen to it that the betterment and the upgrading of social economic welfare of the Nigeria people is our utmost parity and major concern, so all hands are on desks to ensure a successful convention outcome with the very best qualified candidates to take over Aso Rock 2019.


We are also aware that you have a political ambition. In what capacity do you intend to serve the good people of Delta state?


You see I was born into a political family it all started MPP to SDP and NRC to ANPP to AD now we are in a dispensation of Apc and opposition PDP.  They have always been a desire in my heart to see to it that I will be the voice of the voiceless and ensure they it`s an adequate equality of standard of living for both the vulnerable people and the elite, there is a lot to be done at the state level, and many to be achieve for my people at the federal level, so, for now I consecrate more on the coming convention afterward I will publicly declare my ambition but one thing is certain whatever will be the outcome of declaration will be to the total benefit of my people home and abroad.

That means your political ambition is dependent on the outcome of the National Convention?


No is far from that, it depends on what come first as a parity of my people and which area need an immediate attention and fixing beyond every reasonable doubt so they will be cross examination of both local, state and federal levels, ironically, as a result of the close proximity with my people, their interest comes first at heart, which will now give us the avenue to take the best of decisions that will bring about lasting solutions and continues success of our people.

It is not all about doing the talking but doing the working.

Finally, What message do you have for Nigerians and PDP members in particular as we prepare for another electioneering period beginning with the PDP Convention in December, 2017 and the subsequent congresses leading to the 2019 general elections?

Finally I will like to say to the Nigeria people home and abroad that PDP is the only political party that can unlock Nigeria from the chains of backwardness of analog age that APC has place them into and from day one of PDP in power we will work tirelessly to ensure that all campaign promises are meant and dreams and desires of both the young and old, middle class and elite, students, workers and businessmen and women, will all be plugged into manifestation…they is a parable which says until a man get married to a second wife he will not know how kind and good his first wife was, his second wife was just an eye opener to see how protective and lovely his first wife had been, this has been the story untold about PDP and APC…. the fact are clear, we don’t score political cheap goals to gain political propaganda on social media and newspapers, we create rational decisions on a conducive atmosphere to bring about plant form to display constructive arguments that will push us to outdo our previous performance.


I call upon all Nigerians home and abroad to see to it that are taking back the villa coming 2019, we are in support of the national conference which all other political parties are part of excerpt APC, we are in to re- structuring which APC is against, our footprint are clear, our years at presidency we never allow the past military detector ship distract us from our primary goals and comprehensive objectives, like APC who used almost 3years of governance to blame past governments for their present failure. under PDP we went to the zenith of our economy as no 1 in Africa and 6 fastest growing in the world and eventually taking out of the list of corrupt countries on like APC which brought Nigeria back to the list of No 1 most corrupt country in the world and drop down the list from No 1 most fastest growing economy in Africa to below eleven and bringing the country to recession, with hike of fuel and inflation and forests dollar price increases with over 200% and driven investors out of the country, using chibok girls as schemes to score political points… let’s come together as a nation to restore normalcy and stability of growth, peace and unity, let’s stand with one strong voice that enough is enough is time to take what truly and really belong to us which is the lost glory and pride of our great nation Nigeria, and one of the way to do that is to say no to discrimination, no to tribalism, no to corruption, no to hate, no killing, no to intimidation, no to liars, no to unemployment ,no to poverty, no to darkness and fear of uncertain future and no to APC… let’s embrace life and say yes to light and prosperity, liberty, love, unity togetherness, greatness and yes to PDP…long live PDP long live Nigeria may God Bless Nigeria.

How long have you been in Europe and what do you do?

After this powerful interview Nigerians would like to know more about you


Thanks a lot sir,14 years now am into business basically oil and gas, above all am a CHRISTIAN leader Jesus comes first to me… married with my beautiful Wife with 2kids for now…

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